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It’s finally here! The long awaited updates to Ontario’s sexual health education curriculum will be implemented this fall. We couldn’t be more excited. For decades, loyal supporters like you have been helping PPWR promote accurate and up to date sexual health education in our schools and community. We know from experience that providing kids with age appropriate information encourages healthy decision making throughout their lives.

As expected, the new curriculum has been met with fearmongering – critics claim that it exposes our kids to too much information. But as you know, it’s a lack of information we should be worried about. Every day, individuals facing an unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection need our help. …read more.

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Q:Does the pill protect you from STI's?  A:No the birth control pill does not protect you from Sexually Transmitted Infections. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from STI's is to use a condom every time you have sex (anal, vaginal and oral) know the sexual history of your partner and get tested regularly for STI's.  Q: Should I wear two condoms at the same time to be safer?  A:Absolutely not—if you wear two condoms they are more likely to break because latex rubbing against latex causes the condom to break.  Q: Is it normal for one labia to be longer than the other?  A:Absolutely—humans are not completely symmetrical. Every woman is unique—and this includes her vulva. Some women have short labia, some have long labia and some have one of each. Often women have one breast that is larger than the other as well.  Q:Can a girl get pregnant if she has anal sex?  A:It would be difficult, but it could happen. If the male pulls out and ejaculates on the female's genitals or around this area the sperm can swim into the vagina and she can get pregnant.